Ebook Giveaway – Smule Sing! Hints and Tips: Volume 1

Ebook Giveaway

I had an ebook giveaway; where 5 lucky people got a FREE copy of my ebook ‘Smule Sing! Hints and Tips: Volume 1‘. The giveaway proved to be so popular, I have decided that over the next 3 months, I will be giving the book away FREE for 5 whole days. The first of these will be on 7th March. Check back here for the next dates.

What’s in The Book?

Make the most of the Smule Sing! app with the first in the series of books containing useful hints and tips. Improve your singing experience by learning about the Smule community and how you can be part of it.

In this volume, learn about the following:
* The most common Smule terminology
* Installing the app, creating an account and get started
* The different way to find songs to sing
* Uploading your own songs to the app
* Improving your open calls
* Layering your solo songs with harmonies
* Getting more followers and the Smule community
* The groups in Smule and how you can join one

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How to Get Your Free Copy

Simply visit this link to claim your free ebook. There will be another 4 days over the next 3 month when I offer the book totally FREE. At all other times, the ebook will be availabe for only £0.99/$0.99. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out first which days these will be.

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