How to Enter Smule Singing Competitions

At any one time, there are numerous Smule singing competitions taking place.

Things to Consider Before You Enter Smule Singing Competitions

If you feel you’d like to participate in a Smule singing competition, first make sure you have enough free time available for the next couple of months. Creating competition entries can be very time consuming. In most competitions, every round will have an allocated theme and different rules regarding FX, number of layers etc.

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If you enter a solo competition, obviously you have to do all the work yourself. This has pros and cons. Sometimes it’s difficult to get perspective on a song when you’re so involved. You have to rely completely on your own judgement, unless you have a friend who’s willing to listen and critique. However, you can set your own schedule.

In duet or group competitions, the work load is shared. But so is the decision making. Plus you have to rely on others being available to complete their parts. Now, if you have a reliable partner/group and you trust their opinion, all is well. However, I have seen a few people leaving the current duet competition I’m in, because their partners couldn’t make the deadline.

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Read the Rules!

I cannot stress this enough. Read the rules, over and over. Then, before submitting, read them again. Smule singing competitions each have their own rules. You will usually have to use the competition hashtag in your song description. This allows the judges to search for all entries via the hashtag. Most will require you to use specific competition cover art. Some competitions request you take a screenshot of your song once submitted. Others ask you to share the link to the song in a specific thread.

Mostly, the rules are simple. Read them until you’re sure you’ve understood. And if you’re unclear about anything, ask a judge or coach for clarification.

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Some competitions are for certain groups of people e.g. nationalities, age ranges, so make sure you fit into the appropriate category before auditioning. You will  often need the LINE app on your phone. Most competitions use this to communicate with the competitors. This is a messaging and calls app, free to download from the App or Play Stores. You may be asked to leave your LINE ID in the comments of your audition track.

Which Competitions Are Taking Place?

A very useful schedule of the 2017 competitions has been compiled, which, I assume, will be updated as the year progresses. The schedule gives brief details about each competition and it’s length. It also gives the name of the organisers where possible. The schedule does not link directly to related web sites. Not every competition has details about how to audition. However, this is a great starting point to see what is available.

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How Can You Find Out More?

Sing Salon has a tab especially for Smule singing competitions. This includes lots of useful information such as the dates of auditions, names of organisers, who can take part and what the competition will entail. As a member of Sing Salon, you can add your own competitions to this list. There are links to competition web sites, and the names of Smule users who will be holding auditions.

Most competitions will be advertised at some point on Singtopia. These advertisements usually tell you how to audition and give some brief details about the competition. You can use the search function on Facebook to search within the group for competitions.

The official Smule blog has a contests tab. The competitions shown here are those officially affiliated with Smule. The information about the weekly #smulepicks contest is also shown here.

Good Luck

I wish you all the best of luck in any competitions you enter. I’m currently in the 4th round of the Smule Talent Superstars, Season 2 Solo competition, and the 2nd round of the Voices of Smule Season 2 Duet competition. Why not share some of your competition entries with me in the comments?

Here’s my submission from Round 3 of the solo competition. I was placed 14th out of the 175 that progressed! I was convinced I was going to be eliminated, so I was pretty amazed with that result

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