Free Blogging Tool to Manage Your Tasks

Ever feel like you’re spinning in circles, torn between all the different blogging related tasks you’d like to complete? After a few weeks of blogging, I realised I needed a tool to help me streamline my actions on a day-to-day basis. Something to guide me through my daily tasks, as well as managing a longer term strategy for my blog. Therefore, I created this free blogging tool, which I’d like to share with you.

Free blogging tool - journal

What is the Free Blogging Tool?

I designed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template, which has 5 separate sheets; Current, Daily, Weekly, Long Term and New Post Ideas. The intention is to help you organise your blogging life when you add your own content to the sheets.

What Does the Free Blogging Tool Contain?

You can use the ‘Current’ sheet for tasks which need undertaking as soon as possible, but not regularly. There is a column of check boxes to enable you to tick when you have completed the task, There is also a separate column for follow-up tasks.

Free blogging tool - checklist

Daily and Weekly Sheets

You can use ‘Daily’ sheet to list all the tasks you need to perform on a daily basis. It contains a column of check boxes for each day of the week to tick when you’ve completed each task. You can simply uncheck the boxes at the start of each week. Similarly the ‘Weekly’ sheet is for weekly tasks. This also has a column of check boxes under dated headings for week commencing dates. You, as the user can change the headings.

Free blogging tool - planner

Long Term Sheet

The ‘Long Term’ sheet can be used to list your ideas, plans or strategies over a longer term. You can transfer these ideas into the Current sheet before undertaking the tasks, or simply use them straight from this sheet. It has a column with check boxes. In addition, it has a column for follow on tasks.

Free blogging tool - diary

New Post Ideas Sheet

The ‘New Post Ideas’ sheet can be filled with new ideas for your blog content. It has a column of with a check boxes to tick when you’ve written the content. This sheet also has a column for any further information you wish to include.

How Can You Get the Free Blogging Tool?

Download the free blogging tool here.

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