Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing!

Whilst singing is usually our main focus when it comes to recording on Smule, there are a few things we can do to improve the quality of our open calls. LaTrell (GVU_ASANTE_SANA), the founder of #GVU, recently posted a list of tips on the GVU Facebook page. I’d like to share these, as well as some I have added myself, with you.

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - Share

Why Post Open Calls?

The purpose of creating open calls is to invite others to sing with you.Therefore, making them as appealing as possible means more people should want to join you. Now, I’m not saying there’s any such thing as a perfect open call and this applies to singers of all levels and abilities. However, it can’t hurt to consider a couple of extra things before you hit the save button.

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What Can You Do To Improve Your Open Calls?


Firstly, and to most Smuleans this is an absolute given, but I’m going to say it anyway.

It’s frustrating enough when people join your open calls without headphones on. All you can hear is yourself and the music in double. No one is going to want to join open calls of that quality. It doesn’t matter whether they are the cheapest pair going, or the best professional headphones money can buy. Personally, I have a few super cheap pairs. I’m an Android user, and currently Smule doesn’t play your vocals through the headphones while you’re singing on Android devices. So I have to be able to hear outside the headphones, that however is an issue for another day!

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - headphones

Quiet Location

Try to sing somewhere quiet. I know this isn’t always possible, life happens. At least listen back before saving your song. Check if you have lots of background noise on your recording. You don’t necessarily have to redo it, just bear in mind that some people won’t join songs with lots of background noise.

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - soundwave


If your voice sounds too loud for the track, adjust the volume. I believe this can be done anytime before, during or after recording on Apple devices, but only after recording on Androids. Also, on Apple devices numerical volume levels are given, though again, not on Android. It can be useful to include the volume level in the song description if you know it, however people can adjust their volume to suit yours either way.

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - fx volume settings

Video Open Calls

If you’re making a video open call, make sure the  camera is the right way up. This will stop you from looking like a bat hanging from the ceiling when it plays back! Make sure you have adequate lighting, so everyone can see your beautiful face. If there is a video open call available, users much prefer if they can actually see you. Try to keep the phone as still as possible. If you have a stand or gadget to hold the phone, even better. I have been known to sellotape my phone to a light fitting on more than one occasion!

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - phone stand

Now I know some of you just can’t resist a good dance at the same time as singing, but try to stay within the picture if you can.  There are guidelines shown on-screen during a video recording. These are 3 vertical rectangles. Try to keep your face within the central rectangle. When somebody joins you, and you’re singing together, that’s the part of the screen that shows for both singers. The areas I’ve boxed in red, which show slightly darker on the screen whilst recording, will only be shown when you sing alone.

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - video screen

Selecting FX and Settings

Select which FX  and settings you want to use, if any, and add this information into your description. If you belong to a group, add their # here, so other members can find  it easily. I would add #NRG #GVU for example. If there’s any other info you’d like to include, go ahead. Once you’re ready, go ahead and save your recording. Smule will give you the option of inviting up to 5 users/groups by private message at this point. If you wish to utilise this function, particularly if you have an android device, it’s better to wait a short while before continuing. This allow the recording time to upload, particularly for video open calls. You can always skip this step and go back to the recording at a later time to invite people.

Tips to Improve Your Open Calls on Smule Sing! - description

Most importantly though, as always, sing your heart out and have fun with it. One of my own favourite open calls would have to be a piano version of ‘How Deep is Your Love‘ by Calvin Harris. I was joined by my beautiful fellow eNeRGy member, Paolina (NRG_Paolina).

How about sharing your favourite open calls in the comments? I’d love to hear them.

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