How to Join a Group on Smule Sing!

I’m going to give you some hints on how to join a group on Smule Sing!, because as a new user I had no idea. Firstly, to be clear, some Smuleans are perfectly happy wandering around the world of Smule Sing! on their own. Me, not so much. Sure, it was fun to begin with, belting out random tunes with random people. However, I wasn’t getting any feedback on my collaborations and had no one to discuss my new-found hobby with. So, it all started to get a bit lonely.

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So, How Do You Join a Group on Smule Sing!?

There are a few ways you can get involved with the numerous groups on Smule. Begin by thinking about what you’d like to get from being a member of a group. There are groups which:

  • Concentrate on specific genres of music
  • Spend a lot of time giving love to member recordings
  • Hold contests and challenges
  • Sing lots of group collaborations
  • Are mainly concerned with a family or community aspect
  • Operate for certain age ranges e.g. teens groups
  • Contain a mixture of some of the different elements above

Remember, this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a particular musical passion, it’s most likely there will be  group out there with a similar one. Or you can start your own, but that’s a topic for a future article.

To me, it’s mainly about the community and family aspect. However, I really love the challenges. Group collaborations also push me to excel. Both NRG and GVU have a good mix of these elements.

How Did I Join NRG and GVU?

I found NRG by accident! I was following founder Jess and enjoyed joining her open calls. Making an assumption that the letters NRG in her username meant something, I sent her a message  to ask. The policy for eNeRGy is to put any new membership to a leadership vote. I was voted in and I was so excited!

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Group Letters

Many group members sport their group letters in their user names, like mine NRG_Michelle_GVU. Some groups require  a name change when you join. Other don’t. It depends entirely on their specific rules. This can be a good way to spot and approach group members within the app.


Very often groups hold auditions and members will post audition songs as open calls. You can search for #audition within the app to see a list of current audition OCs available. Auditions are often advertised on Facebook, usually on the Singtopia page.

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Find out more about Singtopia on the Resources page. I discovered Global Voices United when browsing through posts on this page, actively looking for a second group to join. I stumbled across another Smulean on a similar mission, commented on her post and got chatting to the GVU recruiter. By the end of the evening I was a member of GVU. It was doubly exciting to be a member of two such amazing families.

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Contacting GVU and NRG

If you’d like to find out more about GVU, the Global Voices United Facebook Page is the hub of all GVU activity. This is a closed group for members. However, requests can be made to join the Facebook group. Requests will go directly to the founder, LaTrell, for approval.

Unfortunately, eNeRGy doesn’t have a Facebook page. However, if you have any queries about the group, please ask in the comment section, or via the Contact Me page.

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As it was the beginning of December during my first week at GVU, the ‘Gift of Giving Contests’ began shortly after. Our first contest was a leadership challenge. LaTrell divided us into groups, each with a member of leadership in charge. The entire leadership team at GVU are women, so LaTrell thought that a ‘Sister Act’ challenge would be fitting. Each leader had to choose a song from one of the films and then produce a group collaboration. It took a lot of time and effort to put together, but it was a lot of fun. This was our submission.

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