Layering Solo Songs on Smule Sing! – A ‘How To’ Guide

Not long after joining #NRG, my first weekly challenge was set. We had to choose a song by either Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, The Weeknd or Bruno Mars to perform. I’d yet to sing a solo on Smule Sing! at that time, let alone layering solo songs, or adding my own harmonies. I have trouble with harmonising. Even if I know how it should sound, usually once I open my mouth, something completely different comes out! I’m working quite hard on this and making progress. It’s a steep learning curve.

Layering Solo Songs Smule Sing - Piano

How to Start Layering Solo Songs

At the time I had no idea how to join or layer my own songs. This really is quite simple though. All you need to do is open a song, as usual, but select ‘Group’ instead of ‘Duet’ when creating an open call.

Layering Solo Songs smule sing - select group

Go ahead and sing your first layer. When you’ve finished, give the song enough time to upload on your profile. Then you can join the song with as many layers as you like. To do this, go to your profile and look for the song in your invites. Hit the join button. When layering solo songs, be sure to allow enough time for each layer to upload before you join again. This way you can hear the whole song as you add to it. When you finish singing your first layer switch the song setting to private. This ensures you have complete control over the song and no one else can join without your invitation.

Layering Solo Songs smule sing - make private

Select this switch to make the recording private. If you want, you can share an invitation to join the song with chosen people, to create a group collaboration. It should look like this:

Layering Solo Songs smule sing - private

Finishing Layering Solo Songs

When you’ve finished layering solo songs, remember to close the songs to any new joins. Select the ‘Edit’ option of the song to do this. Then, if you want, you can make the song public to share with your followers, or whoever else you like.

Layering Solo Songs smule - close song

If you join a group they’ll most likely do that for you! Share the finished song with me in the comment section, it would be great to hear them.

This was my first attempt, as a submission for that first weekly challenge. At the time I never recorded videos, I’m working on that too. Hopefully I’ll have some videos to share with you soon.

Layering Solo Songs smule sing - gorilla

Of the artists in the challenge, which song would you have submitted and why? I’d love you to share a song you’ve layered in the comments.

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