The aim of this page is to collect all the useful Smule Resources in one, easily accessible place. The Smule Resources should help you navigate the app and engage with other Smule Users. There is a wonderful community of Smule Users online from all over the globe; you’re missing out on a big part of the Smule experience if you’re not involved. In addition, the resources below include links to vocal coaching and singing tips. So, read on to find out where all the action happens.

Smule Resources - Smule Sing Global Community

In addition, be sure to check out our post ‘Categories’ if you’re looking for advice on a particular topic.


Smule Resources – Useful Links

  • There’s plenty of information about the app and technical FAQ’s at the Smule Blog, plus it shares some great collaborations.
  • The Official Smule Facebook page for the app
  • The Official Smule Twitter account for the app
  • Smule users can get involved at the Official Smule Sing! Community  on Facebook, which shares some collaborations and allows users to post open calls under certain posts
  • Singtopia is an unofficial Smule community on Facebook, however it does work in collaboration with Smule. Discuss all elements of the app, make connections with other users, post questions and collaborations and share open calls. This is where I met my GVU recruiter. This is a closed group, so you’ll need to request membership. Admin usually accept approximately 50 new members at once. For this reason, it may be a few days before you’re accepted.
  • On Love Music Sing’s Disqus channel you can share your own music videos and audio
  • Sing Salon is a forum for Smule Sing! users. It has lots of additional information about competitions, groups and singers. Members can upload and share their recordings. This site also includes a Smule Sing! recordings downloader. Using this you can save songs to your computer.
  • The Global Voices United Facebook Page is the hub of all GVU activity. This is a closed group for members, however, requests can be made to join the Facebook group. These requests will go directly to the founder, LaTrell, for approval


Smule Resources – Terminology

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions to add to this list:

  • OC /Open Call– when a user opens a collaboration and invites others to join them
  • Tagging/Tag– when a user mentions other users or their group members in the comments section of a song. They do this because they particularly like the recording and would like their friends or group to listen
  • Killer Karaoke/KK– this is a playlist in the ‘Listen’ section of Smule Sing! recordings.  Recordings given #KillerKaraoke status are deemed by Smule ‘the hottest current recordings from the Smule songbook’.  There are no specific criteria specified for achieving this. It’s possible it’s due to the number of likes or listens
  • SmulePicks– this is a playlist of Smule’s favorite performances, based on a given theme each week. You can add the weekly #SmulePicks to your song description to submit the recording for consideration. A new playlist and theme is published every Friday. All songs submitted for SmulePicks must feature in the official Smule Songbook
  • Official Smule Songbook– songs in this songbook will feature the little green Smule icon near the song title
  • Smulean– a Smule Sing! user
  • A detailed glossary of singing termscan be found at the Successful Singing website


Smule Resources – Vocal Coaching

Here are some YouTube channels providing free vocal coaching:

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