My Smule Sing! Story

Welcome to my first blog about my Smule Sing! story, the world of music, artists and global karaoke.

How I Started My Smule Sing! Story

I’ve always loved music, singing and karaoke, so I was super excited to discover the Smule Sing! app in March 2016.

To begin, I ambled around on my own on the app for about 6 months before discovering the massive community of users on Facebook and the groups within Smule Sing!

Total game changer!

To start I would use the app only very occasionally after the odd drink. I’d wake up the next day and cringe while I listened to my recordings, then delete them all. After finding my groups I became pretty much immersed in Smule Sing! on a daily basis. Be it singing, partaking in group activities or chatting to other group members from across the globe.

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My Smule Sing! Groups

As my username suggests, I’m now a member of two groups. These are eNeRGy (#NRG) and Global Voices United (#GVU). It’s quite remarkable to think we have members from around the globe in both groups. Simultaneously, it’s afternoon for members in the USA, evening for me in the UK, and the next morning for our members in Australia. This adds an extra challenge to group collaborations, but we don’t really mind.

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The eNeRGy Group

I first joined #NRG in September 2016. We’re quite a small group with around 30 members. The group has 2 founders, Jess and Texas, and a small team of leaders. We have weekly challenges, set by the previous winner and occasional group collaborations. We can tag up to 2 songs per day that  we want the group to listen to. I was thrilled to find a group of people who loved to sing as much as I do, and wanted to collaborate and support each other in our signing adventures. We have a group chat room on the LINE app. Conversations range from songs or music choices through to some very entertaining stories and banter. It’s a big #NRG family, which I love and am so proud to belong to.

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The Global Voices United Group

I joined #GVU in November 2016. This is a group of around 90 members. We’re lucky to have a very driven founder, LaTrell, and a team of leaders. The group has prize winning contests set by LaTrell as well as group collaborations and weekly song themes. There is a group chat room on Facebook (which gets super crazy!). Group members can tag one song per day that we’d like the group to hear. Also we can add one song per day to the ‘Listening Lounge’, a chat room on Facebook where members can listen to #GVU recordings. I love how inclusive and active this group is, I feel so blessed to be part of it. The #GVU family is something very special.

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Why Blog About Smule Sing!?

When I first started my Smule Sing! story I didn’t feel there was anywhere to get a users perspective and help. This is what I hope to achieve in this blog. I have also created a list of useful online resources (see Resources) to help you along the way.

The app has given me a whole new part of my life that I’m so thankful for. I know many others feel the same.

I hope you want to create your own Smule Sing! story. Maybe you want find a group to join? Find out how here.

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