About Love Music Sing


My name is Michelle, Smule Sing! user name NRG_Michelle_GVU. Firstly, this blog is a place for me to share my personal story as a Smule Sing! user, or Smulean. In addition, I want to share collaborations and love and appreciation for all kinds of music. This is an opportunity to interact with other music lovers.  To explore the world of music, artists, global karaoke and its enthusiastic community. I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

Michelle Jones - Smule Sing User Founder Love Music Sing

Why Music?


I’ve loved music for as long as I remember. With a good memory for lyrics, I love singing along to all kinds of music spanning many decades. To me, music is about more than just singing. It’s an expression of feelings, a reminder of people, places or events. Music is an intrinsic part of our lives, woven in like a thread keeping everything together.

My Smule Sing! Obsession


I started using Smule Sing! in March 2016. To begin with I only visited the app after having a couple of glasses of wine. I’d sing my heart out, then delete all the recordings in the morning! I found it fun, but a lonely experience. I had no idea there were groups and communities out there I could be part of.  When I finally discovered them, my whole Smule experience changed for the better.

My Smule Sing! Groups


In September 2016 I joined my first group, eNeRGy (#NRG). We’re a small group of around 30 members. It felt so great to be part of a community, to give and receive support from other members. We have weekly song challenges, which have pushed me beyond my comfort zone; I love that. I’ll go into more detail about some of these challenges in the blog.

By the end of November I felt I wanted to join a second group. Even more so because eNeRGy had been quiet over the Thanksgiving holiday. I took to the Singtopia community on Facebook with this goal in mind. A few conversations later, I was accepted into Global Voices United (#GVU). This is a highly active group of around 100 members. We have a very motivated founder and group of leaders. Each week we have a weekly theme, group collaborations or various contests. These push me even further beyond my comfort zone and teach me so much.

Both these groups are like families and help me get the very best out of myself and the app. When I first started on Smule Sing! I didn’t feel there was anywhere to get a users perspective and help. This is what I hope to achieve in this blog. I have also created a list of useful online resources (see Resources) to help you along the way.

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