Uploading Songs to Smule Sing!

Have you exhausted all the song search options in How To Find Songs on Smule Sing!? Still can’t find that song you want to sing? Only one option remains. Uploading songs to the community songbook. This article is a ‘How To’ guide to uploading songs on Smule Sing!

Special Guest

I’ve enlisted the help of a very experienced and popular acoustic song arranger for this one. Denny, sing name WeezerDen, is from Indonesia. I’ve had the pleasure of singing to a few of his excellent acoustic covers on Smule. If you’re familiar with the app, I’m sure you’d recognize him. His guitar uploads all have ‘WzdNAcoustics’ in the title. The first part of this article discusses his Smule story. Then we’ll move on to how to upload songs.

uploading songs smule sing - acoustic guitar

Denny’s Smule Story

Almost twenty years ago, while he was in junior high school, Denny found his dad’s old guitar in their garage. He taught himself to play using guitar magazines and the internet. In October 2013 he became  a member of Smule. Today he has over 600 acoustic songs uploaded to the community songbook.


How Did He Do It?

For the first two years, Denny spent 3 – 4 hours daily on the app. Some songs he wanted to sing weren’t in the Smule songbook. So, he would record at least 3 acoustic songs per day in Freestyle mode. When Smule introduced the community songbook on the iOS platform, he began uploading his recordings there. The community responded very well to his songs and continue to support him. This is clear from the 34.9k followers he has. Denny says “I got a lot of request from other Smulers. Also, the fact that a lot of people choose to sing my acoustics is really encouraging.” I’m sure many Smuleans, myself included, want to thank him for his contribution to the app.

uploading songs smule sing - thanks

The Love of Smule

I asked Denny if he was in any Smule groups. “I’m in a dozen Smule groups right now lol! I also co-created the Smule groups Invaders (#iNVr) & The Indies (#TheIndies).” And I have trouble keeping up with two groups!

He recently entered the Sing Olympics, and made it to the final round, the Top 8. What does he enjoy most about the app? “Challenging myself to play new acoustics every time and meeting new friends around the world.

uploading songs smule sing - community

Uploading Songs to Smule Sing!

Uploading songs to the songbook is a process which is technically relatively straightforward, though slightly tricky in the detail. Denny says it takes him about 10 minutes to upload new songs to the songbook. He creates the acoustic recordings in Freestyle mode first.

In his opinion, uploading songs is quicker and easier for him, because he plays the instrumentals. He’s already learnt the songs and their parts in order to play them on the guitar. You will need to either be able to create the music for the track yourself, or find a version of the track with no vocals.


Step 1

You have to upload songs to Smule on a laptop or PC. This process cannot be performed on a mobile device. Go to the Smule website. Click the upload button in the top right corner.

uploading songs smule sing - upload button

Step 2

Select the ‘Songbook’ option.

uploading songs smule sing - songbook

Step 3

Upload your track.

uploading songs smule sing - select file

Step 4

Enter the title of the song and name of the artist. Press ‘Next’ in the top right corner.

uploading songs smule sing - artist song name

Step 5

Add tags to help Smule users find your song e.g. song genres.

Select whether or not you’re going to add lyrics to the song. If you want to encourage other Smule users to open the song you’re uploading, I’d recommend adding lyrics . It does take a bit more work; that’s the tricky bit coming up. However, it adds much more value to the track in the songbook.

Add an image to be used as Album Art for the song. Tick the box to agree to Smule’s terms of use (providing that you do, of course!). And you’re good to go. Click ‘Next’ in the top right corner.

uploading songs smule sing - tags conditions

Step 6

Add your lyrics (if you’ve chosen to do this). A quick search on the internet will easily find you the full lyrics for most songs. You can copy and paste them into this box. Smule will format them into a maximum 40 characters per line. Click ‘Next’ in the top right corner.

uploading songs smule sing - enter lyrics

Step 7

Assign parts to Singer 1 and Singer 2. This selection will come into play when somebody opens the song as a duet. Highlight the box under one of the singer’s headings for each line of lyrics. This allocates that lyric to the selected singer. Highlight the boxes under both singer’s headings for them to sing together. Click ‘Next’ in the top right corner.

uploading songs smule sing - select parts

Step 8

This is where it gets tricky. As the track plays, you have to click on the lyric or tap the space bar when each lyric should be sung. Obviously if you know the song well, it’s easier. And I’m sure it gets easier with practice! However, it is important to try to get it right.

You can edit the individual lines of lyrics by clicking the pen icon on the right, next to that lyric.

You can select the speed of the song in the bottom left corner. There’s an indicator in the bottom right corner, showing how many lines of lyrics are left. Once you’ve completed the song, click ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

uploading songs smule sing - lyrics timing

Step 9

You can choose to review your timing (which will take you back to the previous screen) or press save to finish.

uploading songs smule sing - review timing

Step 10

If you’re sure you’re happy with the recording, go ahead and press save. Be warned however, once you save it, it can be edited, but it can’t be deleted (I learnt that from experience!)

uploading songs smule sing - save

And there you have it. You’re now the proud owner of a song that was uploaded to the community songbook. You’ll be able to see it under the ‘Songs’ tab of your profile. The number of people who have used the song and the ratings given will show here too. Have fun uploading songs.


The most recent song I sang that was uploaded by Denny is ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries. This was a #GVU contest submission, the purpose of which was to demonstrate your personal style.

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