Video Seduction – #NRG Weekly Challenge!

One of the things I love most about Smule Sing! is how I’m continuously pushed out of my comfort zone. This is especially true since joining my two groups. For example, in eNeRGy, we have a weekly challenge, set and judged by the previous winner. A few weeks ago, Matt (NRG_Matt) set a video seduction challenge. This proved to be both hysterical and personally testing for all  who participated.

Video Seduction #NRG Weekly Challenge - start

Video Seduction Challenge Details

The challenge was to record the most seductive video possible. Now, I tend to shy away from video OCs or joins on Smule at the best of times. The mere thought of recording a video seduction made me spin slightly out of control. However, I was determined to do it. It definitely fueled some rather hilarious conversations in out chat room. We spent a lot of time discussing the best songs to sing and ways to look seductive. Suggestions included pouting, eating lollipops, twirling your hair…. you get the picture.

Video Seduction #NRG Weekly Challenge - lollipops

Which Song to Perform To?

I decided early on I wanted to sing I Just Want to Make Love to You by Etta James. The first few attempts didn’t work out too well though. I tried to open it as a group song, thinking I could add as many layers as I wanted. However, I kept messing up the parts and gave up.

I tried a few other songs. At one point I was almost certain I was going to do Close by Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo. It just so happened, that same week, our #GVU Weekly Theme was ‘Making Love’. I opened my first song choice as a video OC duet for that purpose. That seemed to work much better, so I eventually ended up joining my own OC for my challenge video.

I still cringe while watching it, but here it is. I actually had to tape my phone to a wall light fitting to hold it still!

And the Winner Is…

Our very deserving winner for the challenge was Lely (NRG_Lely). I think she did a stunning job. Take a look and listen for yourself.

Not Just a Singing Challenge

This challenge threw up many issues,especially among the women of the group. These mainly related to confidence, which for a change was not particularly related to our voices. Instead the focus was on our bodies, faces, or our ability to be sexy.
You know those things we do, either consciously or unconsciously, while flirting or interacting with people we’re attracted to? Well, those things were over-analyzed and magnified by each of us, in an attempt to portray our seductiveness via a video! While it was a bit uncomfortable, it truly was a challenge. I think whether or not any of us were successful is a personal opinion of whoever is watching.

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